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PCB Manufacture

High quality printed circuit boards designed and manufactured at competive prices.

Types of PCB Manufactured:

Single sided conventional
Double sided plated through hole (PTH)


FR4 High Tg (lead-free)
RT Duroid
PTFE ...

Metal Finishes:

Hot air solder levelling (HASL) lead-free (Rohs compliant)
Hot air solder levelling (HASL) tin lead (non Rohs-compliant) - for companies exempt from rohs regulations
Immersion silver
Electroless nickel / immersion gold

Surface Coatings:

Photo-imageable solder resist in various colours
(green, red, blue ...)

Component notation (silkscreen legend) two-pack epoxy ink in various colours (white, black, yellow ...)

Bareboard Test:

Roving probe bareboard test (fixtureless) for small quantities. The test per board cost is higher than for fixture testing but the cost advantage is that there is no fixture expense.

Fixture test available for larger quantities. Although you have to consider the initial one-off cost of the fixture, the test per board cost is low compared to roving probe test.

Lef Circuits will always test in a cost-effective way depending upon quantity, number of test points, single or double sided etc.

Prototype PCB Pooling:

Where PCBs of a different type and from different customers can be merged on to a larger panel allowing many PCBs to be manufactured at once. Which in turn significantly reduces process time resulting in lower costs.

PCB Panelisation:

Where individual PCBs are stepped up onto a larger panel, fully tooled with fiducial marks to aid assembly and bridged (using break out pips) or scored so boards can be released from the panel. This not only allows many PCBs to be manufactured at once but also means many PCBs can be assembled together, thus reducing process time and resulting in lower costs.

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